Rosewood Elephant with Inlaid Work

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Rosewood Elephant with Inlaid


This craftsmanship comes from both South and North India.

The rosewood is proportionately shaped into an elephant and then the intricate task of inlay takes place. These inlay work is sometimes done with silver, bone, plastic or mother of pearl.

Some of the pieces are very finely inlaid with pieces as small as a nail chip. The inlay designs are inspired from various design patterns engraved on various monuments across India.

Different sizes and designs are available in stores for selection. The prices vary as per the intricacy and detailing of the work inlaid.








Length: – 5 inches approx.

Width:-  2 inches approx.

Height: –  5 inches approx.

Weight: –   gms approx.

Price: – INR 5500/- (incl of GST)

Stock: –  Available

Shipping: – Can be shipped in 4-5 working days.

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