Natural Agate Bracelet



Gemstone Specifications :-

  • Product SKU Code – Rainbownaturalagatebracelet
  • Stone – Natural Agate
  • Metal – Brass ( gold plated)
  • Price – 1800/- inclusive of GST
  • Color – Ocean blue
  • Weight (cts) – N.A.
  • Gross Weight (gms) – 60 gms approx
  • Shape – Natural
  • Cut Type- N.A.
  • Hardness – 7 on Mohs Hardness Scale
  • Refractive Index (RI)- 1.54
  • Specific Gravity (SG)- 2.65
  • Transparency – Opaque
  • Stock – Available
  • Shipping – Can be shipped in 4-5 working days
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A beautifully hand crafted natural agate bracelet. 

the natural agates are individually hand picked and after careful selection and matching are placed in grading.  After the inspection and making of the bases there are gold plated on the sides. the sides are deliberately left in the natural form and not polished in order to maintain the natural essence of the gemstone. 



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