Multicolor Natural Sapphire and Diamond Bracelate

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Multicolor Natural Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet in 92.5 Silver

General information: – 

  • Embrace your wrist in the glory of this multi-colored two lines Sapphire Bracelet.
  • Featuring 17.40cts of many of the unique colors a sapphire can come in, as well as of varying shapes and sizes; these bright and beautiful sapphires are spaced by round full cut diamonds.
  • Exquisitely crafted with 92.5 silver, this truly beautiful bracelet could be your only jewelry needed through any season.
  • Many will wear sapphire bracelets, but few will have one as visually interesting as this one. Though the sapphires were heated to improve their clarity, the heat treatment also gave these gems all vivid and lasting color that will shine with delight.
  • Multicolor sapphires are also popularly known as “Rainbow Sapphire” owing to the variety of colors they are available in. 


17.5 cts Multicolor sapphire and diamond bracelate in silver
17.5 cts Multicolor sapphire and diamond bracelate in silver


IGI Certification
IGI Certification

Gemstone Information: –

  • Product SKU Code – SILR-MULTISAPPHBRAC17.4
  • Stone – Sapphire & Diamonds
  • Metal – 92.5 silver
  • Price – On Request
  • Color – Various & Slight Yellow
  • Weight (cts) – 17.40 cts approx & 2.50 cts
  • Shape – Oval  & Round
  • Cut Type- Oval Fancy & Round Brilliant
  • Hardness – 9 on Mohs Hardness Scale
  • Refractive Index (RI)- 1.762 – 1.778
  • Specific Gravity (SG)- 3.96-4.05
  • Transparency – Translucent
  • Certification – Free lab certification from IGI, New Delhi (see sample image)
  • Stock – Made to order
  • Shipping – Can be shipped in 10-12 working days

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