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Krishna Statue Dancing on

Snake Head


As per the Indian mythology, a beautiful and interesting story in the history of Lord Krishna is associated with the Kaliya Nag, the poisonous snake from the river Yamuna in Vrindavan. It is this association with the mythology of Krishna dancing and subduing the snake which is celebrated as Nag Nathaiya or Nag Nrithya.

The snake has made the water of the holy Yamuna poisonous for over decades and hence no creature could use the waters. Once Krishna and herd boys were playing ball, the ball fell into the Yamuna river and Krishna jumped after it. Kāliya rose up with his hundred and ten hoods vomiting poison. All the Gopis and people of Nandagokula got tensed and came running towards the Yamuna bank as soon as they heard the news that Krishana jumped into the river where the dangerous Kaliya was staying. Meanwhile, in the bottom of the river, Kaliya wrapped himself around Krishna’s body. Krishna became so huge that Kāliya had to release him. He immediately regained his original form, and when he saw the Brij folk were so much afraid he suddenly sprang into Kāliya’s head and assumed the weight of the whole universe, and danced on the naga’s heads, beating time with his feet. Kaliya started vomiting blood and slowly began to die. But then the naga’s wives came and prayed to Krishna with joined palms, worshipping Krishna and praying for mercy for their husband. Kāliya, recognizing the greatness of Krishna, surrendered, promising he would not harass anybody. So Krishna pardoned him and then let him go free. Krishna asked Kaliya to leave the river.

Slowly,Krishna rose up from the bottom of the lake dancing on the head of Kaliya. When they saw Krishna, everyone were happy and they were thrown into an ecstatic dance performance on the heads of Kaliya.

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Krishna Dancing on Kaliya Nag
Krishna Dancing on Kaliya Nag


Krishna Dancing on Kaliya Nag
Krishna Dancing on Kaliya Nag

The piece is made from Mango Wood which has been distressed and hence marks and fissures are there. There is also a piece of the finger missing from the hands of the statue as a result we are offering this piece for a lesser value.

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Length: – 12 inches approx.

Width:-  3.25 inches approx.

Height: – 22.50 inches approx.

Weight: –   gms approx.

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