Green Marble Elephant


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  • Green Marble Elephant inlay with semiprecious stone.
  • For home interior and hotels. This inlay elephant is inlaid with semi precious stones like as malachite, cornelian, lapiz, agate, and mother of pearl. This elephant is handmade carving with trunk up and salute in the upper side this is a traditional art and crafts in India. A beautiful green marble elephant, inlaid with all real semi-precious stone can give competition to any beautiful article in your house. A stunning piece of workmanship.
  • The figure has a beautiful hand carving on the forehead of the elephant adding to its natural beauty and glorifying the excellence of Indian craftsmanship. 
  • The elephant here is displayed in the state of PEACE with its trunk down. 

Green Marble Elephant

Green Marble Elephant

SKU Code: – MF-304-ENN-4


Length: – 4.6 inches approx.

Width:-   3.5 inches approx.

Height: -4 inches approx.

Weight: – 1550  gms approx.

Sale Price : – INR 3000/-

Stock: –  available

Shipping: – Can be shipped in 4-5 working days

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