3 inches Mango Wood Ganesha Statue

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In the Hindu mythology, there has always been a debate over the number of arms that Lord Ganesha had. According to the ancient texts, he had 2 – 16 arms.

However, the idols are commonly shown with just four arms. These four arms signify four different attributes of the subtle body namely- mind, intellect, ego and conscience. His four hands have different things each of which has a meaning attached. There is an axe in the upper right arm. The axe is said to cut all the bonds of attachment, sufferings and pain. There is a flower in the lower left hand. The third upright hand symbolizes aashirwaad (blessing). He holds a rope in his upper left hand. The rope is meant to pull you towards your goal and also is used by the Lord to pull his devotees closer to himself. Lord Ganesha has a tilak on his forehead in the shape of a crescent moon.

Ganesha is a perfect blend of human and animal like characteristics which help us to understand the situations in our lives in a better manner.

The fact that we should consider reason over emotion is such a simple thought but extremely relevant in today’s world. His elephant like head makes us realize that it is the inner beauty that is most important and not the physical appearance.

Even though Lord Ganesha, has a head of an elephant he is one of the most loved Gods among the people and it is because of this elephant head that he got the powers of wisdom and knowledge.

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Length: – 2 inches approx.

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Height: – 3 inches approx.

Weight: –  70 gms approx.

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